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Cultinno Curriculums


S.P. Mandali’s

Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College Certificate course in

Number of Credits: 3
Number of Hours: 45
Admission Criteria:


To apply for the program, applicants must have:

  • 12 pass
  • An innovative idea that the student wishes to convert into an enterprise
  • A reasonable interest to pursue entrepreneurship as a career option

Number of Seats: 30

Tentative Schedule for the Course: (Start Date-End Date): August- November 2022

Course Outcome:

  1. Students will develop basic skills in evaluating feasibility of an innovative idea
  2. They will be able to do develop a pitch deck to present their idea to potential
  3. Develop a financial/ business plan for their projects.
  4. Making a pitch for funding of the business idea Pre Revenue and Post Revenue
    startup companies
  5. Art of Valuing ones company , with an in depth understanding of the startup
    ecosystem in India.
  6. Understand the process of applying for IP for innovative ideas
  7. Provide proof of concept by testing the idea using a prototype, working model (or

About the course:

This course will help build a support system for entrepreneurial minds to convert ideas into enterprise. With 2 industry partners, Cultinno (a social enterprise – – that aims to build a culture of innovation by creating a unique tribe of innovators who build products and services to solve real world challenges posed by specific institutions and organizations) and the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Young Indians ( Mumbai Chapter, the students will be mentored by highly skilled industry professionals and young entrepreneurs. The course will have three phases. Beginning with the understanding of megatrends and opportunities for new product development, participants will use a step wise process to develop and create a feasibility assessment for their ideas, develop a pitch deck and present their ideas effectively and also understand how to develop a business plan , get an understanding of the startup ecosystem in India along with the trends in valuation of companies and get a feel of pitching the idea for funding to investors and apply for IP protection for their innovations. Successfully showing proof of concept is an essential pre-requisite to complete this certificate programme.

After completion, students will have the option to continue and gain paid access to a network of Innovation labs with state of the art equipment to develop working models/demo units/formulations to develop their concepts further.


  • Live Lectures (20Hrs)
    o lectures with experienced faculty to understand basic concepts.
  • Practical (8Hrs)
    o Product/Concept Pitch presentation
    o Business Plan Development
  • Lab work (9 hrs)
    o Proof of concept testing and documentation
  • Project evaluation/ Mock Pitch to Investors (3 Hrs)
  • Library (5Hrs)
Sr. no Module no. Particulars No. of lecture hours No. of practical hours Total
1 I Environment Scan &  Identification of Opportunities
  • Understanding Megatrends
  • Pain points for new productsand services
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Testing Uniqueness
  • Using Prof C.K.Prahalad’s Sandbox of Innovation
06 hrs. 02 hrs. 8hrs.
2 II Developing an Idea
  • Developing the idea’s unique selling points
  • Proof of concept
  • Prototyping/ Formulation development
02 hrs. 04 hrs. 06 hrs.
3 III Business Planning & Execution
  • Business Plan development
  • Pricing
  • Financial viability
  • Revenue Model analysis
  • Capital Structing
  • Valuing ones Business
  • Fund Raising
  • Art of Dilution
  • Journey an Idea to an Unicorn
10 hrs. 02 hrs. 12 hrs.
4 IV Protecting the idea
  • Legal Framework
  • Licensing & Certification.
02 hrs. - 02 hrs.
5 V Lab Work 09Hrs.
6 VI Project Evaluation 03 hrs.
7 VII Library hours 05 hrs.
Total 45 hrs.

Evaluation: Project

  • Prepare a comprehensive idea pitch deck and present it along with a working model/prototype/formulation. Include a feasibility assessment and business plan to evaluate the idea being presented/ Mock Pitch for funding the business idea