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Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL) is a leading manufacturer of Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Lighting) having consumers across India.

Total Prize Money


Water heaters are one of the important products in the BEL portfolio. With increasing pressure on water resources and the availability of potable water, appliances that can run and remain operational at hard water/water with high TDS (>500ppm) will be required. The high TDS water results in the formation of scale on the heating coil, and affects functioning of the water heater.

Challenge: Innovate and come up with solutions, which will keep the water heater operational even under high TDS conditions.

Expectations from the Innovation : The winning team should have demonstrated a working prototype that addresses the challenge but remains within the bounds of the constraints. The working prototype will be inspected at the location of the team.


  1. Innovation should be implementable in Bajaj Electrical Ltd’s Storage and Instant Water heaters
  2. Total standalone cost of innovation should not be more than Rs.500/-
  3. Innovation and relevant processes should be environmentally friendly and non-polluting.
  4. Innovation should be sustainable that enable water heater to remain fully operational despite hard water
  5. Innovation preferably be integrated into the complete product and not require separate installation
  6. The Innovation must not be illegal or in breach of an existing law or government guidelines.
  7. Innovation should meet the following validation criteria: Functionality of the water heater can be established by the time taken to heat-rated capacity of water from 27 ºC to 72 ºC – in the initial state and post 10,000 heating cycles, there must not be any failure in functional parts and no deterioration in performance (if the time taken to heat after 10000 cycles are more than the time taken during the initial state, then it indicates deterioration of performance)
  8. The cost of making a proof of concept (POC) / demonstration model should be borne by innovators
  • Total Prize Money – Rs 550,000
  • Winning Team’s Prize – Rs 475,000 (Total Rs 500,000)
  • Top 3 Teams – Rs 25,000 each
  • Top 10 Teams will each get a certificates & Badges of “Cultinno Innovator”
  • Great opportunity to journey through the process of innovation, talk to mentors, webinars with experts, learn about serial innovators & Design Thinking
  • Network with the Innovators’ community and get early access to future challenges Be visible on Cultinno’s social media and be scouted by partner companies.

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